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Celebrating 40 Years
of Community Sports Service

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NOTICE: In case of inclement weather or other natural disaster, to verify whether or not we bowl, please FIRST CONTACT King Pins Lanes. A decision will be made and phoned into the lanes.  Thanks.

Fall 2016
Sunday September 10th - Opening Session (Labor Day is late this year)
 Sunday September 17th - 2nd Session
 Sunday September 24th - 3rd Session
 Sunday October 1st - 4th Session
 Sunday October 8th - 5th Session
 Sunday October 15th - 6th Session
 Sunday October 22nd - 7th Session
 Sunday October 29th  - 8th Session
 Sunday November 5th - 9th Session
 Sunday November 12th - 10th Session
 Sunday November 19th - 11th Session
 Sunday November 26th  - 12th Session
 Sunday December 3rd - 13th Session
 Sunday December 10th - 14th Session/Championships  
 Sunday December 17th -  Awards Party/Monte Carlo Bowl Fun Event

Winter/Spring 2018 Season

January 7th - 1st Session
January 14th - 2nd Session
January 21st - 3rd Session
January 28th- 4th Session
February 4th - 5th Session
February 11th - 6th Session
February 18th - 7th Session
February 25th - 8th Session
March 4th - 9th Session
March 11th - 10th Session
March 18th - 11th Session
March 25th - 12th Session
April 8th - 13th Session
April 15th - 14th Session (Sportsmanship Nomination)
April 22nd -  15th Session (Sportsmanship Final Voting)
April 29th - 16th Session(Championship Sunday)

May 6th  Final Awards Party/Fun Monte Carlo

June 1-3rd - Rose Bowl Classic 35th Annniversary


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Jimmy Grundman, Administrator

PDXbowl@comcast.net (Tom)

Mailing Address:
Portland Community Bowling League
P.O. Box 2941
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone number 541-758-0606

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